Holby City’s acting CEO Max McGerry played by Jo Martin, appears in tonight’s episode of Casualty.

Holby City’s Max McGerry (Jo Martin) appears in the ED. ©BBC

Max, who is the hospital’s acting CEO, will head downstairs to the ED in Saturday’s episode to attend a meeting with clinical lead Connie Beauchamp.

With Jacob already irritated over some of Connie’s decisions, he is unnerved to find her having an intriguing conversation with Max.

Jacob is then left further wound up when Max politely informs him that he and Connie will be presenting a report on the issues within the department at the end of the day.

Casualty will air it’s final episode ‘for a while’ after tonight’s (August 22) episode at 7.45pm on BBC One. Holby City has already aired it’s last episode for the time being but has since resumed filming, unlike Casualty.

In the meantime fans can watch classic series of both Casualty and Holby City on Drama Channel, weekdays from 9am (times may differ).