A bag full of balls of wool for knitting and knitting needles, Serena’s bag for knitting to be precise, is the way we start this weeks episode, don’t think we’ve ever started an episode in such a way before, after finishing her phone call to Jason as she moves into AAU Donna tries to get a word in about someone being here to see Serena, but doesn’t get much chance as said vascular surgeon moves into her office and is met with the big surprise of Bernie being sat in the corner, immediately they are kissing and holding one another, Donna awkwardly edging out of the room to let the girlfriends enjoy their first kiss or should that be snog in months, being Donna she moves around to one of the other windows to catch a cheeky look at the pair, but in classic Bernie style is stopped as the trauma surgeon shuts the blinds one handed, we’ve seen that before!

After parting lips a little while later, Serena and Bernie are still in their office, it’s still their office, Serena stood in front of Bernie who is sat on the desk, the brunette is stroking Bernie’s face and hair and saying how amazing she looks, Bernie’s arms tight around her girlfriends waist, ah what a loved up pair they are! Bernie informs Serena that the final bit of funding has been approved and the opening for the trauma centre has been brought forward to next month, she tells Bernie that she does still want to go it’s just there’s rather a lot to plan before hand, they’re interrupted by Xavier who needs Serena’s help in dealing with an RTC patient who needs urgent surgery, it seems brunch for the pair will have to wait for the moment as Ms Campbell is needed in theatre.

With Jac in her hospital gown, Gaskell has gathered the team who are performing or helping in the operation in the office, after talking about people’s roles and Meena giving out the plans for said operation, complete with spelling mistakes, Gaskill of all things, well if the cap fits, which it seems Roxanna has picked up on too, he sends them out to go and do their other jobs before the surgery later on, Meena one of the last to leave the office looking highly uncomfortable, if she’s like this now how is she going to fair in the operation itself?

Meena isn’t happy about the bits of seemingly unimportant jobs that Gaskell has her doing, the F1 feels that she should and wants to do things of more substance, with these gripes she finds him in his lab and tells him that she wants to learn  off him and expresses how she’s unhappy with the jobs she’s been given by him up to now and she doesn’t know what he expects of her, he seems rather pleased at her tenacity and spark and that responsibility is earned, also that she has to prove herself to him.

Fell walking and a weekend in the Lake District is the offer Abi gives to Fletch, the CEO inviting him and the kids away for the weekend at a place her parents have up there, he seems a bit shocked at the invite at first, Abi letting him know that the place isn’t going anyway and just to have a think about it, as she leaves it seems Fletch is wrestling with a lady dilemma.

Bernie wouldn’t be Bernie if she wasn’t getting her hands dirty whilst she’s on her flying visit into Holby, and in true trauma surgeon style she joins her girlfriend in the RTC mans operation to assist her, after all as Bernie tells Serena she wasn’t just going to ‘twiddle her thumbs in your leafy detached’.

Unable to find Fiona Fawcett’s medical records on the system, Meena goes to ask Roxanna where they could be, Roxanna informs her that Gaskell keeps copies of medical records in his lab, this prompts the F1 to head the lab and looking through the filing cabinet to find Fiona’s file, she’s interrupted by Dr Aloui, one of the Professor’s collegues in Morocco who is working with him to treat a man over there calling to speak to Gaskell, Meena takes said call and in the course of the conversation asks for a copy of the patients record, lying that it’s for Gaskell and not for her.

Serena and Bernie are still in the operating theatre and we find out that Bernie has sold her house, something that seems to come as a surprise to the brunette that it’s happened so quickly, Bernie informs her that she made a commitment and she intends to honour it, this leads to a look from Serena, a look that is one that seems unsure. After mentioning that she sold her house because she and Serena are going to Nairobi, Donna is shocked, especially at the thought of Serena going to given that she’s got Jason, Greta and a soon to be here baby too, and her job and Holby family.

Fletch is visiting Jac before her operation by Gaskell, she likes the flowers that he’s bought her, something that seems surprising, Jac Naylor likes flowers, or at least ones that Fletch buys her, she tells him as they chat that she’s ready for her operation, is she really, can she really be truly ready for such a surgery?

Greta has come into AAU with stomach pains and because Serena is family she wont have her treat her, so during the surgery they’re doing together Serena asks Bernie to treat Greta because she’s not ‘family’, a comment that Serena quickly apologises for if it came out wrong, but it seems Bernie already has felt the hit, excusing herself as she goes to help the soon to be young mum on AAU. Meeting Greta on the ward, Bernie finds out from Greta all the things Serena has been saying about her when she’s had a drink with Ric and got a bit tipsy, Greta making the comment of Bernie being Serena’s wife, to which the trauma surgeon replies ‘not yet’ any foreshadowing there perhaps?
Quickly making a diagnosis of of lactose intolerance pain due to Greta eating quite a lot of cheese, Bernie is back to join Serena, Serena tells her she’s missed her but Bernie doesn’t seemed convinced, going as far as to tell her girlfriend that she doesn’t actually know Serena has missed her because she’s still at Holby and not with her, leading Bernie to say she wants her girlfriend to explain her reasons why she here at Holby, when the things she came back to do have all been sorted now.

Meena still seems like she’s not going to give up or let go of the fact she’s discovering some worrying things as she conducting her research into various patients, going as far as telling Gaskell himself that there are similarities between the Professors current patient in Morocco’s results that he’s showing in bloods etc and the results that Fiona’s medical records show too, not willing to listen to any if not all of her concerns, he brushes her off and says that it’s merely coincidence, but is he saying this to try and deter her from looking anymore?

After a successful surgery in which Bernie performed a mere miracle in stemming a near impossible bleed, the two surgeons are talking and Bernie says whilst Greta thinks of her as family, Serena doesn’t, that Holby is Serena’s family now and not her, that she knew when Serena got on the plane to come back to the hospital that she’d lost her. Serena is insistent that Bernie hasn’t lost her and that she is coming to Nairobi, that if it was a choice between here or Bernie, then she’d choose Bernie, but is she truly wanting to leave all she knows at Holby and can they both get past this sticking point between them both enough to be happy together?

Greta is rushed back into AAU not long after with severe stomach pains after Bernie’s earlier diagnosis of lactose intolerance pain, but it seems this isn’t that and if it isn’t what exactly could it be and will it effect her unborn baby?

Unwilling to be swayed by Professor Gaskell’s excuse from before, Meena is still looking into his previous patients and their medical records, the two of them clashing just as he’s about to take Jac into theatre for her operation, the Professor telling Meena that she needs to walk away from all she’s been looking at and researching as far as past patients go, because he says if she doesn’t then he’ll kick her off the trial and out of the hospital if he has too. Meena seems shook up at his threat but will she really stop looking into the patients alive or dead, or will she go against the Professor and take her concerns further?

With part two coming up next week, it seems there’s so many unanswered questions and plenty more issues that need solving before we get a clearer picture of what is to come and where some of these stories and characters are going to be by 9pm next week!