This post is all about how you can get signed autographs of the cast of Casualty. (We are not the BBC so please do not ask us to get them for you) but follow these steps to get them.

You can only receive signed autographs by the current cast

*All BBC Casualty Cast signed autographs are Free.

*Please note that we are NOT the BBC and we do not send off for the autographs for you & you can only send off for present cast!

You can obtain signed photographs by writing individual letters to each actor who you’d like signed photographs of (you can put them all in one envelope to save on postage) and they will pass them on. Please note that the actors are responsible for answering their own fan mail and at busy times it may take them a while to respond to the huge volume of letters they receive.

The address to send the letters to is:
Name of actor (i.e. Michael Stevenson)
BBC Wales
Casualty Production Office
Fan Requests Dept
Roath Lock Studios
Cardiff Bay
CF10 4GA

Mark the top left-hand corner of the envelope with the word ‘Autograph’.

Make sure you include a stamped, self-addressed envelope – with your name and address clearly written.

If you want to write to more than one actor, you must write a separate letter to each cast member.

Please be patient when waiting for your reply as it can depend on the actors’ schedules.