Played by​ Rosie Marcel

22/11/2005 (S8 E6)

Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Jac Naylor is a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon and previously Lead Consultant in Cardiothoracics of Holby City Hospital. She initially joined the hospital’s Keller Ward in 2005 as a general surgical registrar, but transferred to Darwin to specialise in cardiothoracics in 2008. In 2011, she became a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon, and went on to become the Clinical Lead three years later.

In 2005, she was initially unsuccessful in obtaining the permanent registrar post, but returned just weeks later having been offered the job. Following her job offer, she immediately made a large impact on the other members of staff. In the following years at the hospital, she had relationships with several other staff members including Joseph Byrne, Lord Byrne, Jonnie Maconie and Guy Self. In 2014, she gave birth to a daughter, Emma, with Jonnie Maconie.

In August 2019, Jac stepped down as Lead Consultant of Darwin Ward to spend more time with her daughter. Jac appointed Kian Madani as her replacement.

Previous Positions:

  • General Surgical Registrar (2005-08, 2010)
  • Cardiothoracic Surgical Registrar (2008-09, 2010-11)
  • Lead Consultant in Cardiothoracics (2014-17, 2017-2019)​


  • Jac’s an orphan and grew up in foster care.
  • Jac saved Joseph’s life after he overdosed.
  • Jac was attacked by a serial rapist.
  • Had an affair with Joseph’s father when she was with Joseph.
  • Jac gave one of her kidneys to her estranged mother.