Played by Will Mellor

24/03/2001 (S15 E31)

21/06/2003 (S17 E40) – Deceased


Charming, kind, full of himself, gentle, funny, ladies man, forgiving, helpful, brave. Jack is true to his name – was a bit of a lad. He quickly earned himself something of a reputation within the department. Often to be seen playing practical jokes and chasing women, it often got him into trouble with his superiors, but made him a popular figure with his peers.

He was the life and soul of the hospital. If someone was feeling down, he was always there to turn their frown upside down. Jack could never hold down a relationship and would always go for the hot chicks. He was a ‘Vincent boy’ as he put it, until he met Nikki and ended up broken-hearted more than once.

He was an opportunist and was always on the look out for a possible scam to supplement his wages. His ladies man reputation was well deserved and he often used his job to meet eligible women. Jack was always one to attempt taking the easy way out. He didn’t understand that life needed care and attention, and in the end, his foolishness resulted in a major dilemma, which caused his dramatic demise.