Jacob Masters


Played by Charles Venn

18/07/2015 (S29 E40)

Senior Staff Nurse

Jacob is the ultimate alpha-male in the department. He joined Holby ED in July 2015, the week after bringing his sick friend in for treatment. He caused a stir on his arrival, partially due to his arrogant and cocky attitude. Later that year, Jacob was involved in the terrorist takeover of the ED and accidentally shot by the police. With Connie by his side supporting him, he eventually managed to dial down his behavior and realise what was really important.

Prior to joining Holby, Jacob worked at St. Lawrence’s Hospital with Louise when she was a student nurse. They recognised each other shortly after he arrived, and she was soon forced to face up to her past. Connie has had an on-off romance with Connie since he joined, but their relationship ended for good in January 2017 when she made an official complaint against Elle.

Jacob took on the role of temporary Clinical Nurse Manager in August 2016 after Rita’s departure, and was given the permanent job around two months later. In March 2018, Jacob stepped down from the role of Clinical Nurse Manager to focus on being a father to his son, Blake.

Previous Positions:

  • Acting Clinical Nurse Manager (2016)
  • Clinical Nurse Manager (2016-18)

Family: Blake Gardner (son)