Jamie Collier


Played by​ Daniel Anthony

05/01/2013 (S27 E17)

08/02/2014 (S28 E24)

Last Appearance:
11/10/2014 (S29 E6)

Staff Nurse

Jamie arrived at Holby City Emergency Department, alongside Robyn Miller, Ally Hunter and Aoife O’Reilly as student nurses.

After his rotation as a student nurse, Jamie stayed on alongside Robyn as a staff nurse in the ED. It is revealed that Jamie is related to paramedic Jeff Collier.

Jamie later had a relationship with Ramin Tehrani, they met when Ramin locked himself in the ED in fear of being deported due to his illegal immigrant status, but Jamie grew sympathetic towards him as it was his homosexuality that was preventing him from going home. Jamie and Ramin later move away from Holby City.

He later made a return for his uncle Jeff’s funeral after being involved in a vehicle explosion.

Previous Positions:
Student Nurse (2013)

Family: Jeff Collier (uncle;deceased)