Played by Judy Loe

First Appearance:
29/09/2001 (S16 E3) – Casualty
06/08/2002 (S4 E44) – Holby City

Last Appearance:
09/11/2002 (S17 E9) – Casualty
04/02/2003 (S5 E18) – Holby City

Chief Executive Officer

Jan’s coming in as the new chief executive. She’s management, but she’s the caring type and is very much interested in what happens at the sharp end. She’s particularly interested in Charlie!


  • Jan is the first CEO of Holby City
  • Her departure from A&E was 29/06/2002 (S16 E40), Jan has since reappeared on the 09/11/2002 (S17 E9)