Played by​ Lucinda Dryzek

19/07/2016 (S18 E41)

20/06/2017 (S19 E37) – Deceased

F1 Junior Doctor

Jasmine first appeared in Series 18 as an F1 practicing on Darwin Ward. She befriended AAU’s F2 Morven Digby and moved into her flat. She also made friends with Darwin registrar Oliver Valentine, the latter soon becoming Jasmine’s boyfriend.

In 2017, Jasmine stopped a patient who wanted to kill her brother with a scalpel for raping her. Jasmine put the scalpel in her front pocket and forgot it there. Jasmine wanted to talk to Jac about what she had found up about Fran and they set up a meeting in the basement. While in the basement, Fran turns up and says that she stole Jac’s phone so she could meet with Jasmine. Jasmine offers Fran her support but Fran doesn’t believe her and pushes her against a cart, which causes the scalpel to penetrate Jasmine’s liver. She is found by Darwin F1 Damon Ford, who was looking for Jac’s phone and he rushes Jasmine into AAU, where she is taken to the trauma bay and Jac is called who tells the AAU staff to get her into theatre. At the beginning of the morning shift, Henrik announces to the staff that Jasmine died in theater. Her death was a shock to all, especially Morven.