Jay Faldren


Played by​ Ben Turner

25/10/2008 (S23 E8)

10/12/2011 (S26 E16)

Last Appearance:
27/08/2016 (S31 E1)

Staff Nurse

Jay is a seemingly restless soul. He’s potentially, one of the best nurses to ever step through the doors of the ED, but he’s one of the lads, and his flippant behaviour can interfere with his job and his relationship with his co-workers.

Jay joined the ED staff in late 2008, colleagues first of all had mixed opinions about him. started in the ED as a clever and well-meaning but somewhat immature young man.

Despite being good at his job, Jay saw working at the hospital as a chance to flirt with the ladies and enjoyed playing the prankster. But Charlie warmed to him, seeing a resemblance to his younger self in Jay.


  • Jay was appointed as a new nurse, after the departure of John ‘Abs’ Denham.
  • When Ruth was sectioned, Jay found it hard to care for her.
  • Jay was diagnosed with testicular cancer.
  • He lied about his position on many occasions, including at a surgeon’s dinner with Ruth and to his nan, Maryam.
  • Jay found Polly in the basement, after being stabbed she later died in resus.
  • Jay and Ruth left the ED together in a camper van, after the ED fire.
  • Jay recorded a video message for Charlie, for his 30th anniversary celebrations of working in the ED.