Jemma Redgrave to make a return to Holby City, as Consultant General Surgeon Berenice ‘Bernie’ Wolfe?

Bernie was last seen August 8, after the Trauma Unit was closed due to funding. She left Holby to visit Serena in France before rejoining the army.

Series Producer Kate Hall said, “As I was story producer previously, Bernie and Serena is my storyline and I’m highly invested in that.”

She added: “Catherine Russell is having beautiful travels in Europe and having a smashing time, while Jemma Redgrave also wanted a break. I can promise there’s no way I’d work so hard to create something I believe in so fundamentally and then just kick it into the gutter.

“I’m overwhelmed and really gratified by the reaction that story has received, because I’m very proud of it. Of course we will return to it as and when the actors feel ready to return, but suffice to say, that’s a love story that remains.”