Played by​ Lloyd Everitt

12/03/2016 (S30 E27)

26/08/2017 (S32 E2)


Jez is the young bubbly face of the ambulance service, having just qualified before he joined in March 2016. On his first day, he and Iain ended up stranded at the roadside when Cal and Ethan took the ambulance. One of Jez’s biggest fears is his mother, who he lived with until he managed to secure a place at Robyn’s house.

More recently, Jez began a relationship with Mickey Ellisson. Mickey is from a right-wing family, but he’s completely different to them and doesn’t accept their ideologies. However, he soon found himself involved in their family life, especially after Ethan revealed to his brother Scott that he was in a relationship with Jez.

Nevertheless, Jez manages to put on a brave face most of the time and makes sure he puts patient care first when it comes down to it.