Played by Luke Roberts

03/01/2006 (S8 E12)

11/01/2011 (S13 E13)

Last Appearance:
03/09/2019 (S21 E36)

Registrar Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Joseph’s meticulous and ordered to the point of obsession. Despite being reserved and introvert, he’s very passionate about medicine and is a talented surgeon.

After a doomed marriage to Faye that saw them welcome a child, Harry, together, Joseph rekindled his romance with Jac, but there wasn’t to be a happy ending. Taking on the responsibilities of a single dad, Joseph struggled to juggle being a surgeon and a father, leading him to accept a job as a GP in Penrith. Joseph asked his love, Jac, to move with him but she declines.

Family: Charles Byrne (father), Anne-Marie Byrne (mother), Faye Morton (wife), Harry Byrne (son)


  • Has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).
  • Had ballet lessons at school.
  • Jac saved Joseph’s life after he overdosed.
  • Elliot’s daughter, Martha, made a pass at Joseph
  • His brother, Harry, fell in a coma and died after a drugs overdose.
  • His wife Faye kissed Linden, at his wedding.
  • Faye left him for Linden