Played by Jan Pearson

23/12/1999 (S2 E5)

30/04/2004 (S6 E26)

Ward Sister

Kath was a respected and excellent Ward Sister. She was resolute in the face of anything life threw at her. She had a calm nature which made people warm to her. A devout Catholic, she had her faith tested many times. After a number of traumas, she left Holby for pastures new with Architect Larry.

Kath is a sister on the Keller ward, and her easy-going, calm nature makes both patients and staff warm to her. She’s a devout Catholic, married with several children, who was thrown into turmoil by her attraction to Mike – they almost kissed on the outward bound course – which she’s since reined in.

She’s very protective of Danny which at times he finds something of an embarrassment. With Danny leaving home she’s begun to suffer from ’empty nest’ syndrome and with Mike’s departure she’s feeling ever more isolated. Her work is a consolation to her but she feels threatened by the arrival of Chrissie and her new, strict attitude to the running of the ward.

At home Kath has had a succession of problems to deal with – not least Simon’s aggressive behaviour. When she’s admitted to Holby after a severe beating her colleagues realise for the first time what Kath has had to cope with in her personal life. With the help of Father Michael she found the courage to leave Simon but their increasing closeness turned into a problem. Kath broke up her burgeoning relationship with him because she knew it was wrong, despite his willingness to give up the priesthood for her.

Kath fell for Lisa’s terminally ill father, Terry and the pair married on Boxing Day. Terry’s condition detoriated, however, and Kath cast aside her faith and gave him a lethal injection to end his suffering. A suspicious Lisa reported Kath to the police and Kath’s name and honour was dragged through the courts, only to be found not guilty.

Just as Kath found her feet again, a series of murders took place on Keller Ward and the finger was soon pointed at her. But there was insufficient evidence and Kath was released. She found herself at the hands of the killer, Kelly and was stabbed and left to die. But Kath managed to survive her harrowing ordeal and is back on the ward she so loves.

Family: Danny Shaughnessy (son), Lisa Fox (step-daughter)