Kathleen ‘Dixie’ Dixon


Played by​ Jane Hazlegrove

30/09/2006 (S21 E3)

30/01/2016 (S30 E21)

Operational Duty Manager

Dixie joined the department in 2006 alongside Cynthia “Cyd” Pyke after they were transferred from a different hospital. Their new boss Josh Griffiths was unimpressed by their lax attitude and decided to break them up so they weren’t working together. However, just a week after her arrival Dixie changed the rota so she would be working with Cyd again. Josh wasn’t happy about being undermined and decided to work with Dixie himself, during which time their relationship improved.

In February 2010, Dixie was shocked when her father, Arthur, arrived and told her he didn’t have long to live. He jumped to conclusions that Dixie was in a relationship with Jeff when he saw them together, not knowing that she was a lesbian. He was delighted by the relationship, so Dixie didn’t tell him the truth. He continued to mistake Jeff and Dixie for a couple, and told Dixie how anxious he was to see her get settled before he died. This lead Dixie to give her dad what he wanted, so she proposed to Jeff.

In October 2014, Dixie, Jeff and Tamzin were called out to the site of a vehicle collision. When they arrived, they discovered that it involved a minibus that some of the ED staff were travelling in. However, just after rescuing everyone, Jeff was just about to get out of the minibus when it exploded, killing him. Dixie was left devastated by his death, after having worked with him for 7 years. The following week at Jeff’s funeral, Dixie made a speech but was clearly emotionally distraught. Later that day, Dixie spoke to paramedic Iain Dean who had previously worked with her and was present at the funeral. She offered to give him his old job back, as Tamzin had left due to Jeff’s death leaving only Dixie. He accepted the job, and started his first shift the following week.

In January 2017, the date of Dixie’s disciplinary hearing for the complaint lodged against her came. Although Jess had withdrawn the complaint, they were still going ahead in the investigation. Jess came to visit her in the day to let her know that her and Olivia were moving to Cornwall, and asked if Dixie wanted to come, to which she declined. After her disciplinary hearing, Dixie was given a written warning but also offered a promotion. She undecided as to whether to take up Jess’ offer or not, and in the evening at Ethan’s leaving party she told Iain that she was going to do something wild for once, and went to Jess’ house to take up the offer.

Previous Positions:

  • Paramedic (2006-07)

Family: Jeff Collier (husband;deceased)