Played by Alex MacQueen

First Appearance:
10/05/2005 (S7 E30)

Last Appearance:
13/07/2010 (S12 E42)

Consultant Anaesthetist & Head of Intensive Care

Keith became the Head of Anaesthetics following the departure of Zubin Khan. Keith is verbally abused by a drunken Stuart McElroy, who surmises him to be an “obsequious, supercilious, insipid four-eyed toss-pot.” He collapses during surgery after becoming contaminated by a toxin from a patient. It causes him to stop breathing; resulting in him being intubated, though he goes on the make a full recovery. He tells Joseph Byrne that he was formerly married but Mrs. Greene divorced him. Greene applies for the Director of Surgery job, clashing with Connie Beauchamp, however neither of them get the position – which instead goes to general surgical consultant Michael Spence.