Played by Anna Mountford

12/10/2000 (S3 E2)

16/07/2002 (S4 E41)

Outreach Nurse

Keri is an outreach nurse, who bridges the gap for children who’ve left hospital but still need care and attention. She’s very enthusiastic about the role and her patients and she’s not afraid to speak her mind.

She’s full of energy, and outside of work was until recently a real party girl, but she tries to keep her work and personal life separate. She gets on well with her colleagues and while her relationship with Janice can be testing they respect each other professionaly.

On a personal note, it’s taken Keri a long time to get over the ‘date rape’ incident with Liam. And while she’ reconciled with him, the emotional scars have taken much longer to heal. Her fledgling relationship with Mubbs is her first proper foray into love since. But can he be trusted? His dual relationship with Pam, Keri’s mother, didn’t bode well. And indeed it did all fall apart, leaving Keri all alone once again.