Lenny Lyons


Played by​ Steven Miller

12/09/2009 (S24 E1)

08/06/2012 (S26 E38)

Last Appearance:
27/08/2016 (S31 E1)

CT2 Junior Doctor

When he first started in the ED Lenny’s attitude was somewhat immature and he preferred to focus on the blood, gore and exciting procedures rather than on the patients as individuals. As time went on Lenny realised that he did genuinely care for people and wanted to be the best ED doctor around. Lenny loved to talk, but had a tendency to be inappropriate as he rarely engaged his brain before opening his mouth. Lenny formed an unrequited romantic attachment to Mads and also developed a close friendship with Linda, helping her to care for her niece and nephew.

When a young boy died in the ED in suspicious circumstances, Lenny helped to unravel the cause of death and rediscovered an interest in forensic medicine. Much to the disappointment of Jordan, Linda and the team, he decided to leave the ED and retrain as a forensic pathologist.