Played by Adrian Lewis-Morgan

13/02/2001 (S3 E15)

04/06/2002 (S4 E35)

Charge Nurse

Liam’s straight-talking made him a popular figure with patients and colleagues alike. However, he could be hot-headed and outspoken. After being paralysed from a fall, Liam left Holby to travel with his girlfriend Lana.

Liam’s cool head and straight talking make him a popular figure with patients and colleagues alike. His ability to put patients at their ease makes him a useful figure on the ward. And his caring nature make him a natural for a nursing role.

Liam can, however, be hot headed and can be more outspoken than is wise. But generally his basic good sense reins him in before he makes too much damage. He handled his aborted wedding with typical calm acceptance and has managed to pick himself up and carry on his life at Holby City hospital.

Recent months have been very testing for Liam. Keri’s rape allegations left him stunned and isolated from his friends. And then came the accident which left him confined to a wheelchair. Initially he struggled to cope but his typical resilence reasserted itself and he began to get his life back together. When his ex-fiancee turned up and suggested they take off to Australia together to start a new life, Liam accepted. And he left Holby for altogether sunnier climes.