Played by​ Crystal Yu

03/08/2013 (S28 E1)

04/11/2017 (S32 E11)

Registrar in Emergency Medicine

When straight-talking F2 Lily Chao joined the department in 2013, it was never her intention to specialise in emergency medicine. Her ambitious personality was a result of a strict educational upbringing and the creation of her own five-year plan, which would see her working in dermatology.

Despite her initial goals, Lily went on to settle down in the ED and eventually became a registrar in 2015. However, the promotion also came with the added responsibilities – including mentoring Alicia Munroe. Less than two months after joining, Alicia left, claiming that Lily bullied her out of a job. Following this, Lily’s colleagues gave her some much needed advice on both bedside manner and her treatment of staff.

Since Alicia’s return in 2016, they’ve acted civil to one another, although Alicia told her that they’d never be friends. In recent times, a romance has also blossomed between Lily and Iain, but Lily will certainly find it hard to focus too much on something other than work without negative repercussions.

Previous Positions:

  • F2 (2013-14)
  • CT1/CT2 (2014-15)