Played by​ Cathy Shipton

06/09/1986 (S1 E1)

01/02/2020 (S34 E22) – Deceased

Non-Clinical Nursing Auxiliary

Wherever Duffy goes, she always ends up back at Holby one way or another. She initially started working in the ED in or before 1986, as a newly qualified nurse. She soon climbed the ranks, and was promoted to sister in 1989. She entered a relationship with Andrew Bower shortly after, and gave birth to their first son, Peter, in 1991. They departed together in 1993, after Duffy fell pregnant with their second child.

Duffy returned to the ED five years later as a senior staff nurse. In 2001, she fell pregnant again with her and Andrew’s second son. However, Andrew died after being pushed down a flight of stairs leaving Duffy devastated. She later gave birth to her third son, Paul; Charlie helped her deliver the baby at her house. Two years later, she left the ED with her new partner Ryan, as they set off for New Zealand with Duffy’s two sons.

In 2006, she and Ryan had broken up, and she had set up a clinic in Cambodia with her new boyfriend Mike. After this, she continued to perform agency work in New Zealand and England, as she enjoyed to travel back to Holby occasionally. She was carrying out agency work in Holby in June 2016, at which point she discovered how much she’d missed Holby. She started working there permanently two months later. She split up with Ryan later that year, and married Charlie the following year.

Previous Positions:

  • Band 5 Staff Nurse (1986-89)
  • Ward Sister (1989-93, 1999-2003)
  • Band 6 Senior Staff Nurse (1998-99)
  • Agency Nurse (1998, 2003, 2015-16)
  • Band 7 Charge Nurse (2016-19)
  • Midwife (2016-19)

Family: Charlie Fairhead (husband), Peter (son), Jake (son), Paul (son)


  • Duffy once opened a clinic in Cambodia.
  • Duffy used to live in New Zealand before returning to Holby.
  • She has three children – Peter, Jake and Paul.
  • Duffy left the A&E Department for the first time on the 11 December 1993 (S8 E13)
  • Duffy returned to the department on the 21 February 1998 (S12 E25)
  • She left the second time, on the 12 April 2003 (S17 E31)
  • Duffy came back to the ED multiple times, from 23 September 2006 (S21 E1) up until 30 August 2015 (S30 E2)
  • Duffy returned full time at the ED, on the 25 June 2016 (S30 E39)
  • Charlie and Duffy got married on the 10 December 2016 (S31 E15)
  • She was diagnosed with dementia in December 2018