Tonight (August 26), Casualty fans saw the departure of paramedic Jez Andrews.

Lloyd Everitt leaves Casualty

Lloyd has appeared as paramedic Jez Andrews for just over a year, as he joined the cast of Casualty in March 2016. His casting was announced alongside Jaye Griffiths and Jason Durr.

Jez has been included in many of different storylines, involving him getting ditched with Iain while Cal and Ethan drive off without them and take their birth mother (Emilie), in the Ambulance to the seaside. Jez has also been involved in Iain and Rita’s relationship as he makes him rethink what he wants.

But most recently he’s been in the centre of a storyline that involves the Ellissons, as Jez falls for Mickey but brother Scott and mother Denise don’t agree with Jez’s personality. Jez left the ambulance service and moved abroad with Mickey, after Denise threw a fire bottle through his house, that he shares with Robyn, Charlotte and Max.