The BBC catched up with the newest cast member Louise Delamere who is currently playing Colette Sheward.

Louise Delamere as Colette Sheward ©BBC

You previously played a nurse in No Angels. Are you enjoying playing a Director of Nursing this time?

Playing the Director of Nursing is great. Colette is more of a career woman than Lia, the nurse I played in No Angels. Colette is older and wiser and an excellent nurse who loves what she does.

What was your first day at Holby like?

The first day on Holby was a daunting experience. Holby works at a very fast pace and you have to hit the ground running and hope for the best!

What’s your favourite thing about working on Holby?

My favourite thing about working on Holby is the other people. They are very lovely team and there is a very warm inclusive atmosphere. Everyone goes out of their way to be kind and helpful. Not all jobs are like that.

What do you like best about playing Colette?

I like playing Colette because she is a single, successful career woman. She hasn’t allowed life’s challenges and disappointments to make her hard or bitter. She hasn’t had kids, she’s not married and doesn’t apologise for it. She also champions other women and is a great caretaker.

What words would sum up Colette’s strengths and weaknesses?

Strengths: Colette has a good sense of humour, she’s smart, kind and is compassionate.

Weaknesses: she is a bit headstrong. I think she could find it hard to get close to people and she’s a bit of dark horse, preferring not to give too much away. She has firm boundaries.

What can we look forward to with Colette?

Good nursing, good chat and we might get to see what she gets up to outside the hospital.

And what about upcoming storylines?

Lots of excitement: problems for Colette when Zosia and Guy go head to head; then a stubborn spat with the brooding CEO, which sees Colette defy on point of principle; tough ethical decisions when an esteemed colleague makes a terrible mistake; and, if that weren’t enough, the arrival of an unwelcome blast from the past who gets under Colette’s skin!