Played by​ Azuka Oforka

First Appearance:
01/10/2011 (S26 E7)

18/08/2012 (S27 E1)

16/02/2019 (S33 E24)

Senior Staff Nurse

Louise originally worked as a 999 call taker in ambulance dispatch in 2011. She left her job there, only to turn up as the ED’s new receptionist the following year. This annoyed Dixie, as the two had frequently had run-ins when she worked for the ambulance service.

Before joining ambulance dispatch, Louise worked as a student nurse at St. Lawrence’s Hospital with Jacob, but quit and retrained after an incident with a patient. After a chat with Duffy about nursing in 2015, she decided to take her exams and start working in the ED as a band 5.

Previous Positions:

  • Ambulance Dispatch Operator (2011)
  • Receptionist (2012-15)
  • Band 5 Staff Nurse (2015-18)