Love or Hate Fletch?


It proves that some Holby City fan don’t seem to like Fletch, played by Alex Walkinshaw after setting up a petition to get rid!

Holby City fans want to get rid of Fletch!
Image used on the petition to get rid of Fletch

The creator of the petition has stated “I think Alex Walkinshaw is a terrible actor, and he’s getting so much screen time on Holby City it’s unreal – there are plenty of other actors on the show that don’t get a good storyline. I also think his time on the show is now passed it’s sell-by-date. He wasn’t much good in CASUALTY so he moved to HOLBY CITY where he gets all the glory. It’s about time HOLBY CITY focused on some of their new characters and not to re-new Alex’s contract.”

You can see more on the website by clicking here.

See what some fans of Alex Walkinshaw (Fletch) have taken to Twitter: Even wanting to get rid of another cast member!

I love ❤️ fletch, somehow dont think that petition will get many signatures!

— Sarah L W (@Misssarahwarne) August 9, 2018

I love Fletch. There are other characters they could be rid of though!!!

— 🌷 sue p 🌷 (@soopy21) August 9, 2018

Seems a bit harsh tbh….. But now I think about it surely the actress who plays Meena wouldn't mind my starting my own petition ….

— lindy (@lindyloo25) August 9, 2018

How awful! 😡 I love Fletch and Alex is brilliant, ridiculous petition that will get no where!

— 🐾Emily🐾 (@emjane21) August 9, 2018

Love Fletch. This person is talking absolute rubbish!

— Sallie Phillips (@SallieP24) August 9, 2018