Maggie Coldwell


Played by​ Susan Cookson

29/01/2005 (S19 E22)

09/08/2008 (S22 E48)

Last Appearance:
28/03/2015 (S29 E26)

Registrar in Emergency Medicine

Maggie Coldwell is tough, fair and professional. However she was always prepared to be a maverick and go against management if it meant doing the best for a patient. This outspoken streak held her back from progressing up the career ladder, despite her great competence as a doctor. She was a good listener, and gave non-judgmental advice. Maggie started off her career in medicine as a nurse, before retraining to become a doctor.

Maggie finally decided to leave the ED after she was wrongfully accused of causing a patient’s death. Although she was cleared by a coroner’s court, she decided it was time to put Holby behind her. She returned in 2009 for Kelsey Phillips’ leaving party. Then made another come back in 2015 to visit Zoe.