Played by​ Robert Powell

15/02/2005 (S7 E18)

25/01/2011 (S13 E15)

Chief Executive Officer

Mark’s a carefree rogue, a wild child of the 60’s. He was a rolling stone, always looking for an excuse to go on the run, until he reconnected with his daughter Chrissie. Mark often feels torn between being a good father and doing the best job. He was always a man of the people so landing the CEO job has given Mark the opportunity to make a difference. But can he reconcile his principles with his new senior position?

Previous Positions:

  • Staff Nurse (2005-06)
  • Nursing Consultant (2006-2010)


  • His sister is Chrissie.
  • His wife Tricia died after a car crash.
  • Hails from North West England.
  • Went into rehab to cure his coke addiction.
  • Remarried his ex-wife Tricia in the hospital garden.