Max Walker


Played by​ Jamie Davis

05/10/2013 (S28 E9)

13/01/2018 (S32 E19)


Max joined Holby ED in November 2013, the month after his step-sister Robyn told him he would have to get a job. He filled the vacancy of the porter role that Big Mac had left. In the months following his arrival, he began flirting with consultant Zoe Hanna. She eventually returned the feelings and they ended up starting a secret relationship. They publicly announced their relationship in early 2015.

In August, they got married, but Zoe eventually confessed to Max at the reception that she’d slept with someone else the night before. Max was furious and he asked her for a divorce six weeks later. Since Zoe left the ED in May 2016, Max has been involved in various exciting activities for the staff members including Charlie’s anniversary celebrations and setting up a speed dating session at the pub.

Family: Zoe Hanna (wife), Robyn Miller (half-sister)