Played by​ Laura Aikman

12/09/2009 (S24 E1)

08/05/2010 (S24 E35)

F2 Junior Doctor

May struggled through medical school. She had to re-sit a number of exams but she’s a very determined woman and a potentially fantastic doctor.

On first glance, she seems perfect for the job; she is wonderful with the patients and gets on well with the staff (the men, especially, take a shine to her). She’s generous in spirit but doesn’t suffer fools. Her difficulty is in applying the learnt knowledge to the practicalities of the job, it’s not going to come easily for May and she will have to overcome this to survive.

May’s not used to struggling; she used to be something of a princess, with her rich daddy taking care of everything. The question is, when she realises super-bright Yuki is in love with her, will she use her power over him to help her get on in medicine?