Played by​ Salma Hoque

12/12/2017 (S19 E63)

27/11/2018 (S20 E48)

F2 Junior Doctor

Meena arrives at Holby City alongside a fellow F1, Nicky – friends from school but will immediately realise that the job is tougher than they ever anticipated.

Meena’s upbringing was more privileged but both are united in their terror that they will fail their rotation and make a mess of their big new responsibilities. As Meena struggles to keep up with the pace and impress their bosses, their own friendship comes under scrutiny and it remains to be seen whether they can keep things together as they may be forced to compete to prove themselves.


  • Meena transferred from General Surgery (Keller), to Neurosurgery (Keller) in S20 E16.