Megan Roach played by Brenda Fricker.

Played by Brenda Fricker

06/09/1986 (S1 E1)

07/12/1990 (S5 E13)

Last Appearance:
07/08/2010 (S24 E47) – Deceased

State Enrolled Nurse

Megan Roach was kind, caring and straightforward. She was never afraid to tell people exactly what she thought but that didn’t mean she was crass or unsympathetic. She was the natural earth mother with a soothing Irish accent who everyone turned to in times of trouble. She came out wonders with the patients and was always willing to help others. She was a very respectable lady and affectionate to all.


  • Megan left the ED 7 December 1990 (S5 E13)
  • She returned on the 21 February 1998 (S12 E25), before leaving on 28 February 1998 (S12 E26)
  • Megan returned to Holby to help her psychotic grandchild on the 10 March 2007 (S21 E29)
  • After leaving in 2007, Megan came back again on the 17 July 2010 (S24 E44) before passing away on the 7 August 2010 (S24 E47)
  • Charlie helped Megan to ease her suffering.