Played by Anthony Calf

First Appearance:
19/04/2005 (S7 E27)

Last Appearance:
08/08/2006 (S8 E41)

Chairman of the Board

Connie Beauchamp (wife)

Michael and Connie had an unconventional marriage, but it was built on strong foundations. They fell in love when Michael trained Connie, but the demands of their careers meant the couple often spent much of their time apart.

While Michael was fiercely loyal in his professional and personal relationships, he had a ruthless streak and was prepared to put his career before all else. Connie found strength in the knowledge she was the one person he would put before all else.

Connie brought about Michael’s downfall, following the VRSA scandal and his torrid affair with Chrissie. He was subsequently arrested on suspicion of fraud and manslaughter.