Played by​ Eleanor Fanyinka

30/06/2015 (S17 E38)

19/12/2017 (S19 E54)

F2 Junior Doctor

Morven Digby (née Shreve) is an F2 doctor who currently works in the Acute Admissions Unit of Holby City Hospital. She joined the department in her first year of foundation training in June 2015.

Morven found love with a fellow trainee doctor Arthur Digby, In 2015, Arthur begins to suffer from extreme anxiety. Following an explosion at the hospital he struggled to control his anxiety and stole medication to help suppress his fears. Morven Shreve caught him taking hospital drugs for his own use and realised that he had been self-medicating. When Arthur made a mistake during treatment of a patient, Morven ended up getting blamed and she began to consider her future at the hospital. Arthur was later diagnosed with Generalised anxiety disorder. He took time off work to confront his GAD and returned to work when he felt he had overcome his problems.

In June 2016, Arthur and Morven intended to leave Holby to travel before Arthur died. Dom believed Arthur was being selfish and Arthur re-evaluated his choice and decided to stay. However, later that day whilst speaking to Hansen, Arthur collapsed and vomited up blood and was taken in for an emergency operation.

Previous Positions:

  • F1 Junior Doctor (2015-16)
  • F2 Junior Doctor (2016-17)
  • Foundation Doctor Representative (2017)