Holby City first aired 12th January 1999 (20 years ago today). That’s 20 years of superb storylines, vicious villains and of course Heroic Holby hero’s. To celebrate I wanted to share with you my six most memorable scenes.

  1. I will walk you home, Series 18 Episode 35 – Arthur’s flash mob.

2. An eye for an eye, Series 17 Episode 48 – Ollie saves Zosia from a grenade explosion

3. From here to Maternity, Series 14 Episode 41 – Jac helps Mo during her labour.

4. Trust in me, Series 17 Episode 21 – Harry Tressler falls of safety rail after treating patient.

5. The Cruellest month Series 16 Episode 25 – Bonnie ran over before marrying Johnny

6. At first I was afraid Series 17 Episode 50 – Dom and Arthur karaoke