The BBC have announced to the Digital Spy, about upcoming cast changes for the shows 33rd series. We have already seen the departure of Sam Nicholls (Charlotte Salt), and we know that Shaheen Jafargholi joining the cast as nurse Marty.
Casualty has cast Gabriella Leon in the role of another student nurse called Jade, who will be turning up in the ED alongside Marty. 
Gabriella Leon | Headshot by Ori Jones
“We have two student nurses coming in,” Lucy explained. “Shaheen who plays Marty and a brilliant actress called Gabriella Leon, who is coming in to play Jade.
“They are two nurses who don’t see eye to eye, but what they do bring is a whirlwind of life and fun into the ED. But it won’t always be plain-sailing with them. “We are also planning to bring some new doctors in at the end of the series.”