Played by Liam Garrigan

10/06/2003 (S5 E36)

30/12/2003 (S6 E13) – Deceased

Staff Nurse

Nic had a kind heart which made him a natural with patients. He was inundated with offers from females but his over-protective sister Kelly cramped his style. Nic was also unaware that his sister was responsible for a number of deaths on the ward until it was too late. He died following a gas explosion she caused at his mum’s house.

Nic’s first day in Holby caused quite a stir amongst the nurses. Shy and goodlooking, he soon found himself bombarded with flirty come-on lines from Jess and Lisa. Nic soon got the chance to approach the girl he was really keen on and kissed Sandy.

Nic was brought up in a small village outside Swindon and followed his older sister, Kelly, into the nursing profession. Nic and Kelly have a strong bond and they would do anything for one another. Nic’s kind-hearted and genuine approach makes him a natural with the patients. He wants to train up to become a nurse and working for the hospital bank will enable him to work on all the wards.