Played by​ Michael French

First Appearance:
21/11/1998 (S13 E13)

20/09/2008 (S23 E3)

02/02/2013 (S27 E21)

Lead Consultant in Emergency Medicine

Nick Jordan was a registrar who first appeared on the wards of Holby City General Hospital. He joined the Emergency Department on the 20th September 2008. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour which was deemed inoperable, until Zoe faked his signature on a consent form allowing surgeons to operate. He now potentially has several years to live.Found out that he may have fathered a son, Kieron, but was disappointed when a DNA test revealed otherwise.

Emergency medicine is Nick’s domain, and here he is King. His ambition is to make Holby City Emergency Department the best in the country, and nothing will stand in his way. So Nick turned the ED into a Centre of Excellence.