Played by​ Belinda Owusu

12/12/2017 (S19 E63)

CT1 Doctor, Cardiothoracic surgery & Junior Doctor Lead

Nicky arrives at Holby City alongside a fellow F1, Meena – friends from school but will immediately realise that the job is tougher than they ever anticipated.

Nicky develops a reputation for partying and drinking. When she is on a night out with Meena, they meet new registrar Xavier. Meena likes Xavier but Nicky ends up getting drunk with him.

Nicky is from a struggling working class background. As Nicky and Meena struggle to keep up with the pace and impress their bosses, their own friendship comes under scrutiny and it remains to be seen whether they can keep things together as they may be forced to compete to prove themselves.

Previous Positions:

  • F1 Junior Doctor (2017-18)
  • F2 Junior Doctor (2018-19)


  • Nicky transferred from General Surgery (AAU), to Cardiothoracics (Darwin) for a rotation in S20 E16.
  • Her mother is called Tracey.