Noel Garcia


Played by​ Tony Marshall

05/01/2008 (S22 E20)


Noel is one of the ED’s longest serving staff members, having worked in the ED since January 2008. He originally worked on the wards of the hospital but was transferred downstairs for the busy period after the new year. During his time in the ED, Noel has built various friendships, notably with Big Mac.

Noel is chatty and takes his role as the face of the ED very seriously. With the renovations in 2012, Noel was made the manager of reception, which only made him feel that his role was even more crucial. However, Noel felt threatened in late 2016 when Elle brought in a new automated check-in system, which resulted in his hours being cut. However, it was eventually scrapped and he got his full job back with some help from Louise.