Played by​ Joe McFadden

28/01/2014 (S16 E16)

07/12/2017 (S19 E62) – Deceased

Registrar in General Surgery

Raf is a registrar at Holby City Hospital, he joined AAU in 2014. Raf is dedicated, driven and passionate, he loves nothing more than being in the medical zone. An expert in resuscitation, he is a true medical pioneer and an energetic force of nature, who is led by his heart rather than his head. A dynamic presence, he can exhaust his team as they struggle to keep up, and can be demanding, quarrelsome and stubborn.

In 2017, he was transferred to Keller ward where he began to have a relationship with Essie Harrison. In December, Raf was found bleeding out in the lift after be shot by Federik the son of CEO Henrik.