Played by​ Neet Mohan

04/11/2017 (S32 E11)

20/04/2019 (S33 E32)

Foundation Training Year 1

Rash, short for Rashid, is a cheeky chappie and an eternal optimist who always tries to make the rest of the ED laugh. The only problem is sometimes they laugh with him and other times at him. Rash’s charming bedside manner always ensures he has a good relationship with his patients.


  • Rash was afraid of Resus, due to the fact that not everyone makes it out alive.
  • His full name is Rashid, but prefers to be called Rash
  • Rash is in a relationship with porter Gem Dean
  • He left the ED to travel the world before committing his life to a medical career. (S33 E32)