Tonight’s episode (April 29) of Casualty saw the departure of Caleb ‘Cal’ Knight. Richard Winsor joined Casualty on 18th January 2014 as Caleb Knight. Over the past 3 years Cal has been involved in some major storylines in the ED one of which has been Cal’s love hate relationship with his brother Ethan.
Another big storyline for Cal was the romance he had with Taylor Ashbie. This started when Taylor was brought in as a patient and instantly Cal took a shine to her. Taylor kept on hitting him back whilst being treated by Dr Zoe Hanna, which resulted in Cal being told to leave her alone by Zoe. However Taylor upon being discharged asked Cal if he would like to go on a date. After a few episodes we found out that Taylor was a con woman and after Cal’s money. She claims to need funds for a charitable act and she manages to convince Cal to giver her the money. However Cal didn’t have the money and instead took Ethan’s fifteen-thousand pound inheritance and agrees to loan it to her. She shocked Cal by stealing the money and leaving the area this left Cal both heartbroken and angry.

A few months later Taylor returned to Holby and shocked Cal by telling him he had a daughter. Taylor then once again tricked Cal this time into believing they have a future together but instead abandons the baby in his care. This lead to us seeing a different side to Cal as he stepped up to be a dad. When Matilda falls ill Cal takes a blood test to check to see his he is compatible to help Matilda but them the results come back it was revealed that Matilda was not Cal’s daughter.
Because of this blood test Cal finds inconsistencies between his blood group and his late mother’s and this lead to Cal finding out he was adopted. Cal started to worry that Ethan was not blood-relative. Cal then tries to track down his biological mother Emilie Groome and he finds out she is suffering from Huntington’s disease. Cal relief of locating his mother is out-weighed by anger he feels because she never contracted him warning him about the hereditary disease. When Emilie injures herself Ethan is forced to treat her. She however later develops complications from pneumonia and fears she will die in hospital. She makes it clear she wants to die at home this then lead to Cal arguing with Ethan over Emilie’s care. Her condition deteriorates and they work together to take Emilie to the seaside where she can die in peace with them by her side. Ethan and Cal also receive results that revealed that Ethan is suffering from Huntington’s disease.

Another storyline to remember, which was quiet recent was when Cal got involved in a love triangle that Alicia (Chelsea Halfpenny) and Ethan (George Rainsford), where he finds a cuff-link in their bed that belongs to his brother.
Recently Cal has been unhappy with the way the NHS are cutting costs, and organised a strike with the union. Caleb was stabbed by Scott Ellison after his father Roy passed away, Cal was protecting his brother Ethan, as he was the doctor in charge of Roy’s care. Caleb died shortly after being admitted to hospital.
Everyone at Entirely Holby wish Richard the very best for the future.