Played by​ Amanda Henderson

05/01/2013 (S27 E17)

Band 5 Staff Nurse

Robyn is the person to go to in the ED if you have a problem, need some help or just want a good chat. She joined Holby back in January 2013 as a student nurse. Four months later, she qualified and joined the ED as a band 5 alongside Jamie Collier. She initially struggled to come to terms with the increase in workload that came with the promotion, but eventually came to terms with the demands of the job.

Robyn’s biggest event since joining the ED was meeting Glen Thomas back in 2016. It soon transpired that he was terminally ill and only had months to live. Robyn still stuck by him and even planned a wedding. However, she was heartbroken when he didn’t show up at the alter. To make matters worse, she had fallen pregnant with his child not long before.

In March the following year, Robyn ended up giving birth prematurely in a graveyard when David’s erratic behavior got out of control. Her newborn baby Charlotte was in ICU for the next few weeks but eventually pulled through.

Previous Positions:

  • Student Nurse (2013)

​Family: Glen Thomas (husband;deceased), Charlotte Miller (daughter)