Played by​ Hermione Gulliford

First Appearance:
02/04/2014 (S15 E25)

24/10/2017 (S19 E55)

25/09/2018 (S20 E39) – Deceased

Last Appearance:
02/10/2018 (S20 E40)

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Roxanna first arrived at Holby City Hospital in 2013, as Tara Lo’s neurosurgeon, after battling a brain tumour.

Roxanna returned to Holby City in 2017, after Guy Self left. Now back on Darwin ward, she attempts to build bridges with Oliver, after discovering he is seeking a second opinion on Tara’s scans.

In late 2018, Roxanna, had developed locked-in syndrome following a neurosurgical operation performed by John, tries to tell their colleagues about John’s fraudulent research project. John discovers this and injects Roxanna with a neurotoxin, killing her.