Casualty Ruby Spark

Played by​ Maddy Hill

14/07/2018 (S32 E41)

18/04/2020 (S34 E31)


Ruby is incredibly conscientious and naive. She is a newly-qualified paramedic, who despite knowing the rules of her job, has lots to learn about being a paramedic. Ruby clashes with her co-workers Iain and Sam.

Following Sam’s death, Iain and Ruby had write statements for an internal investigation. With Iain still distraught from the death, he insisted to Ruby that they are not a team.

In 2019, Ruby and Iain he held at gunpoint when attending a 999 call to a farm.

In early 2020, Ruby’s world was turned upside down when her sister, Violet came back into her life who was a drug addict. Her sister gave birth to baby Harmony, who Ruby looked after – until her mum Lavender appeared. On the 18th April, Ruby quit as a paramedic to take her of her sisters baby.


  • Ruby is a newly qualified Paramedic (S32 E41)
  • She follows the rules to the letter irritated Iain & Sam, which lead to mistakes (S32 E41)
  • Ruby and Iain shared a kiss (S33 E15)
  • Ruby was held hostage on a call to a farm (S33 E21)
  • Iain tried to commit suicide by overdosing, Ruby found him unconscious. (S33 E26)