Played by​ Georgia Taylor

08/09/2007 (S22 E1)

10/12/2011 (S26 E16)

Trust Grade Doctor in Emergency Medicine

Ruth is an ambitious go-getting woman. Nothing will stand in the way of her pursuit of perfection except, maybe, herself.

Ruth’s professional ambition had always come at the expense of her social and personal life. Being a doctor was Ruth’s ambition from the age of eight and it seemed to be all that mattered to her.

Previous Positions:

  • F2 (2007-08)


  • Toby De Silva and Ruth both started on the same day, as new F2’s.
  • Ruth has a brother called Jonathon, who is in prison.
  • Ruth attempted suicide in S22 E24
  • Ruth married Edward, who later had an affair.
  • Nick and Ruth had a one night stand with lead consultant Nick Jordan.
  • Jay and Ruth initially didn’t get along, after the ED fire they both quit and left together in a camper van.