Played by​ Charlotte Salt

15/10/2011 (S26 E9)

11/08/2018 (S33 E1) – Deceased

Last Appearance:
18/08/2018 (S33 E2) – Corpse


Ex-army medic Sam Nicholls joined the ED team in 2011, after arriving a day early she went out with the paramedics for the day. Zoe soon caught on to the fact that Dylan and Sam had some kind of history when she mocked his attempts to be the Sherlock Holmes of the medical world.

Sam had a complaint lodged against her by a man, Keith Parr whom she had forcibly restrained in a headlock. Sam’s GMC hearing was being planned, and Zoe was called to give evidence against her.

Sam became romantically involved with Tom Kent, when the couple ended up kissing after a night out in the pub. They married in December 2013, before leaving the ED together to start a fresh life.

Previous Positions:

  • Registrar in Emergency Medicine (2011-13)​


  • Sam is a former Army medic, who served with Corporal Iain Dean
  • Sam had a relationship with Iain whilst in Afghanistan
  • Sam was married to Dylan Keogh, but ended in a divorce
  • Sam left the ED on the 14th December 2013, with newly wed Tom Kent
  • Sam returned to the ED as a Paramedic on the 23rd September 2017
  • Sam died in the back of the ambulance on the 11th August 2018