Played by​ Tom Chambers

03/01/2006 (S8 E12)

23/12/2008 (S11 E11)

Registrar Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Sam’s a compassionate, decisive adrenaline junkie. A hugely volatile person, his emotions can land him in hot water.

He is one of those people who lives life to the full. But this also means he can go over the top at times. Everything has to be full on. When he parties, he really parties and when he works, nothing will come between him and the diagnosis. Sam loves women and they love him back.

Sam is a ladies’ man, he broke Maria’s heart when he went to live in New York with his son Kieron.


  • Sam has a daughter called Grace with Connie
  • He was diagnosed with cancer and shaved his head on the 27/11/2007 (S10 E7)
  • Sam has a son called Kieron
  • Connie used him as a sperm donor.
  • Sam and Maddy used each other for uncomplicated sex.
  • Sam two-timed Faye for Chrissie.