Former Strictly Come Dancing winner Joe McFadden has revealed he wants to return to Holby City, as a Ghost?

Joe McFadden as Raf Di Lucca ©BBC

Joe portrayed Registrar General Surgeon Raf Di Lucca, the character was married to nurse Essie Harrison. Raf was killed in December 2017 by the CEO’s son Fredrik.

Kaye Wragg as Essie Harrison and Joe McFadden as Raf Di Lucca ©BBC

Although Raf is dead, McFadden told Inside Soap that there’s no reason why he couldn’t return as a ghost.

“Nothing lasts forever,” he said. “I pitched it to the producer that Raf could appear as a ghost and give Essie some advice, but he wasn’t having it!

“I’m happy being a good memory, and Raf’s memorial was blessed by Reverend Richard Coles. He blessed it in real life as well – so I really feel as if I’m dead now!”