Played by​ Catherine Russell

01/05/2012 (S14 E29)

21/01/2020 (S22 E3)

Consultant General Surgeon & AAU Clinical Lead

Serena first arrived at Holby City Hospital in 2012, as the new deputy CEO and consultant on Keller ward, Serena immediately clashed with her new colleague Ric Griffin as they Serena done things her own way.

Serena has had many hard times during her time on the wards, including her mothers mental condition, Serena was glad of Ric’s help and the pair bonded. However, they clashed again when Serena interfered in Ric’s treatment of her mother Adrienne.

Serena goes down to AAU, where she becomes the lead consultant, Serena’s daughter Elinor turned up on AAU, wanting to write a report on her mother. However, when Serena revealed that she was no longer deputy CEO, Elinor was angry as she’d already sent the article off to the papers. Elinor collapsed on the toilet floor and it transpired that she had brain damage,Serena was devastated, and had to ring Edward to tell him the news. By the following week, they’d taken Elinor off of life support and she died.

In 2017, Serena took sabbatical leave after being unable to cope at work after her daughter had died. She made her return to Holby in February 2018, as the acting CEO.

Previous Positions:

  • Deputy CEO (2012-16)
  • Acting CEO (2013,2015, 2018)
  • Keller Clinical Lead (2012-13)
  • AAU Clinical Lead (2013-16, 2017-)
  • AAU Co-Clinical Lead (2016-17)
  • Medical Director (2019)